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Frequently Asked Questions

Nowadays, streaming services don’t come cheap. And if your favorite shows stream on different services, all those monthly subscriptions can really add up.

On the other side, all those streaming services allow their account to be pooled by up to a fixed number of people. One Channel leverages the internet to match and automate the account pooling process, so One Channel users can enjoy the same amount of streaming content at a fraction of the original price.

A slot is a sub-account under a streaming service account. A slot has its own viewing history, personalized recommendations, and PIN*1 lock protection.

Once you create a One Channel account, we will ask you to pick a name and PIN code for your slot. Then One Channel will automatically create your slots with your name and PIN at all channels that you subscribe to. All your slots at different platforms will be under the same name and PIN code that you configured.

You no longer need to create your own account on streaming platforms. You just need to select streaming services at One Channel, and have One Channel App to login those platforms for you. 

One Channel App works like a password manager, but instead of managing your credentials, One Channel App manages credentials from One Channel platform. You just need to authorize One Channel App to AutoFill in device configuration for once. Click here to see a demo.

Absolutely. Streaming services like Netflix’s account have five slots, which are expected to be used by five people. One Channel leverages our community to maximum utility of these slots, but will not go beyond the threshold set up the streaming platforms.

Yes. One Channel creates its own proprietary algorithm to automate the account pooling process without needing to reveal account credentials to anybody. Furthermore, One Channel will scramble account credentials regularly.

One Channel App will not collect any info or credentials from you.

One Channel doesn’t own any streaming service accounts. The accounts are offered by the account admins in our community, in return they will be compensated accordingly. At this moment account admins application is by invitation only.

Yes! You can use our service for free for 7 days without providing credit card information.