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Top 5 reasons to subscribe to more than one video streaming service

You might have heard about the ‘Streaming Wars’. It’s a phrase many commentators have used to describe the increasing competition among the streaming services. What started with Netflix over a decade ago, has evolved over the past few years into an entire industry with the likes of HBO Max, Disney+, Apple TV+, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video stepping into the arena. 

Currently there are over 300 streaming services in the US alone. And in attempt to compete for the limited number of eyeballs, services are outdoing each other to produce ever higher quality content. As a result, it’s becoming very difficult for us as users to opt for just one service, when other services are coming out with new, great-looking shows and movies all the time. 

Though it might at first seem prohibitively expensive to subscribe to multiple streaming services, we’ll look at the top 5 reasons why it’s a great idea, and also how you can make it a lot less painful on your wallet. 

Expand the available content library

Of course, it’s a no-brainer that more services equals more content.

However, each service regularly adds and removes the content you can access, rotating the number of movies and shows available. This means that there’s no guarantee that your favourite “Harry Potter” or “Lord of the Rings” movie will be always available on demand. 

So, if you always want to make sure you can access the content you want anytime, the best and safest option is to subscribe to multiple services.

Watch your favourite TV shows not available anywhere else

Are you addicted to “Friends” or “How I met your mother”? 

If you miss your favourite shows when they broadcast on regular TV, streaming services might be the best option to get your fix. Rather than purchasing them separately, you can subscribe to the service that they stream on and enjoy them whenever you get the urge. 

But if you want access to multiple shows, that might very well mean having to subscribe to multiple services. For example, at the time of writing “How I met your mother” is available on Hulu, whereas “Friends” can only be seen on HBO Max.

If you want to know which service offers your favourite shows, check out Reelgood. Simply type in the title of the show and you’ll see which service has it in their content library. 

If you are up for some major savings, you can spend some time researching there and adjust your services for the next month based on their current offerings. In this way, you’ll avoid paying for services you don’t use. 

And with OneChannel you can make big savings and manage all your subscriptions from a single platform.

Access original content exclusive to streaming platforms

Game of Thrones, Stranger Things, House of Cards, The Queen’s Gambit and The Mandalorian – to name just a few shows that have become worldwide smashes, all independently produced by streaming services, and all exclusive to those services. 

Nowadays, the major streaming services are big players in creating original content, not just distributing it. So, if you want to be in the front row for the next big show premiere, having multiple subscriptions is your best bet. 

In fact, theses exclusive shows are among the top reasons why people subscribe to services like Netflix. Before you do so, again, it’s worth to check which brand offer the titles in-line with your preferences. 

Major Savings – replace more expensive regular TV Services

As we mentioned, subscribing to multiple streaming services can be pricey. Subscribing to the top 5 streaming services could cost you up to 70 USD a month. 

However, this is still a bargain when you compare it to the average US monthly cable bill of 107 USD. In short, multiple streaming subscriptions will cost you 70% of the average cable TV service.

Minor things making a big difference

And not to forget a few of the other awesome benefits that comes with subscription services, including access to content with no (or limited) commercials; enjoying your favourite shows on demand, and total control over content playback, as well as the ability to watch movies and shows anywhere you want with the mobile app. 

Sum Up

There are quite few major reasons to expand your entertainment library with additional video streaming services. Moreover, if you put some additional effort in research, you can manage to enjoy all the benefits at a low cost. If you want split the subscription cost, and gain maximum flexibility on your subscriptions – check our free 7-day trial.


Enjoy more content for a fraction of the price

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