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One Channel is like Groupon for streaming services. We bring our community of users together to help you save money on shows that you love. Our algorithm helps us match people who want a streaming service with people who have one extra slot they can share. This way, everyone can pay for what they use!

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Single app for all streaming services

Replace several subscriptions with a single discounted monthly plan and enjoy access to the top streaming services. Watch on your smartphone, tablet or TV and adjust the plan anytime you want. 

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Manage access to all the platforms from one place. The automated login system protects password and gives you unique credentials so you don’t have to worry about your account security. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

One Channel is an app that gives you instant access to the top streaming services. You can use the app on TV, smartphones and tablets.

The app generates log in credentials to the platform each time you want to watch. You just have to navigate to the app, choose the service and application will automatically log you in. Learn more about OneChannel platform on our blog.

We don’t own any accounts. The app serves as a platform storing and granting access to the accounts owned by admins. The admins are users that registered their accounts in OneChannel database. You can learn more about the mechanism on our blog

The subscription gives you on-demand access to single slots of the admins’ accounts. Unlike the full subscription, you don’t have the access to all the slots/rooms on a particular account. And the access is given to you each time through the app in an automated, encrypted way.

The payment is proceeded with credit card. The monthly price you pay depends on number of services you decide to subscribe. Remember that you can edit your monthly plan at any moment by navigating to account settings.

For now the OneChannel is available only in the United States. We are working on including additional locations.

Yes! You can use our service for free for 7 days without providing credit card information.