The way to share Netflix account without giving password - OneChannel Explained

The video streaming services has surged over the past years. Along with a growing number of viewers, the more and more services launched on the market, resulting in so-called “streaming wars”. Now we can choose between Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, Amazon Video, HBO Max etc. and get access to exclusive content and thousands of movies on the platforms. The good news is that we have more than ever shows available at a fingertip, the downside is a rising monthly subscription cost. In fact, subscription to top 5 streaming platforms might cost you over 70USD per month. If you ever wonder how to get Netflix cheaper probably you consider reducing the costs by splitting the membership with a family or close friends. (remember that each streaming service has its policy defined in user agreement!). However, this solution comes with some security risks and difficulties regarding payment processing.

So is there a way to reduce the subscription cost, while expanding the content availability and remaining maximum security? The answer is OneChannel App, a solution enabling to automatically distribute access to streaming platforms without giving password.

How it works – the way to get Netflix cheaper

The OneChannel serves as a platform managing and securing access to various services on behalf of the account owners. The script automatically matches account owners with other users, encrypt and store the passwords, giving enjoyers access via OneChannel app. To fully understand the idea, we will describe user roles first. We differentiate two types of users: the admins and the enjoyers.

  •  Admin – the account owner willing to split the subscription cost
  •  Enjoyer – the users that get access to the account at a discounted rate

Once the admin signs up to the service, the account is being added to the database and the credentials are being encrypted and stored on the server. In the next step, the system matches the admin’s account with the enjoyers. After the groups is matched, each time the particular enjoyer wants to access the service, the app automatically fills the login credentials on its behalf through autofill option (just like the Keychain in iOS systems) so the end-user won’t get to see the passwords, but can automatically log in to the account. Instead of sharing the account, the enjoyers gains single access each time they would like to enjoy the streaming platform. We described the whole process of using the app in this tutorial.

The whole process explains the graphic below:

What are the main benefits of using OneChannel

  • Passwords Security – the access to an account is given to enjoyers on demand and the passwords are fully encrypted, stored by application and changed several times a day to provide full privacy and account’s safety. Besides, one account can’t serve more than 5 users, to keep each search history and personalised experience. Important: the app doesn’t have access to any of your passwords, by enabling autofill option – the platform downloads a singular password from database and types them while login to particular service.
  • Users Protection – as a platform we guarantee both payments to account owners and constant access to the services for the enjoyers. In case your host will cancel the service, we will automatically match you with another. 
  • Automation – the admins and enjoyers are being matched automatically, without any communication between parties. The whole process on enjoyers side is simplified to filling the form, selecting the services and connecting the credit card.
  • Flexibility – as an enjoyer, you can manage access to all the platforms in one place. Decide which services you want to pay for and make changes within a few clicks.

Supported Services

Currently, OneChannels supports five top video streaming platforms, including: Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, HBO Max, Prime Video.

Are there any other similar platforms available on the market?

There are at least two other similar services: TogetherPrice and Spliiit. However, these solutions are more manual – the admins and enjoyers have to find each other and communicate on the platform. Moreover, they don’t offer passwords autofill and encryptions but send login credentials which causes obvious security risks. In other words, you have to share your password with other users.

Payment system and pricing

The OneChannel service fee is included in the each platform access cost. With that being said, we don’t charge account admins any additional fees for using the platforms. The enjoyers can make payments using their credit cards. Our payments are operated by Stripe. The users can cancel or change their subscription anytime in the user panel.


In case you need any help or service regarding the app usage, payments or maybe you would like to share your opinion with us (highly appreciated!) – just click the chat widget on the bottom right corner in app. We are more than happy to help!

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