How to use OneChannel App? Step by step guide to cheap streaming account.

You might have been wondering how to get Netflix account or other streaming platform cheaper. Maybe you subscribe to plenty of services or seek extra shows during the long social-distancing evenings. Nevertheless your reasons, OneChannel is here to help you get the most of your favourite shows for a fraction of the original price. (Check our article of benefits that comes from using it!). In this guide, we will show you step by step how to install and navigate the app to get a full access for 7 days for free. Let’s jump in!

1. Download the App

The app is available in the Appstore and Google Play – you can click icons below to redirect to the store.

Important: the app works on iOS and Android smartphones, tablets and TV with Android TV.

2. Sign Up

After you open the app for the first time you can pick your favourite services and login through Goggle, Facebook or Apple account. In case you have any problems – you can click the support icon in the bottom right corner.

3. Free Trial Set Up

After you log in for the first time – the app will ask you for your billing details. If you want to try 7 days for free – just click the information below the submit button.

4. Manage Autofill Option

Autofill is the most important step of the whole configuration. In order to enable App to automatically log in to streaming services you need to do the following steps:

a) Go To Settings

b) Navigate to Passwords and click “Autofill Passwords”

c) Allow filling from One Channel App – after you tap on the One Channel App, you should see the tick symbol on the right side. 

5. Pick your platform and start watching!

The last part is to simply choose the platform and start watching. How to do this?

a) Open the app and pick one service you would like to use at that moment.

b) You will see the access card, simply click on it.

c) OneChannel will redirect you to the streaming app (for example Netflix). Click Sign In and then tap email field, the device will suggest you autofill option, and select OneChannel.
The app will automatically generate and fill the password. Now you can log in and enjoy your movies!

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