How To Get a Free Hulu Account

When you think of video streaming services, what’s the first name that springs to mind? Maybe Netflix, the oldest and most established streaming service, which began it all back in 2007 and has the largest subscriber base, at over 200 million.

Or possibly Disney+, the latest streaming platform on the market with some of the most popular original content available right now.

But what about a service that began just a year later than Netflix, has over 2,500 movies and 40,000 TV episodes in its on-demand library, and now counts 40 million subscribers across North America?

That’s right, we’re talking about Hulu. And while it may not have the same level of subscription numbers as Netflix or the same eye-catching original content as Disney+, getting a Hulu account has some awesome benefits.

We’re going to take a look at exactly how you can get free Hulu. But let’s start with look at why you might want to get a Hulu account in part 1 and then look at the 5 best ways you can get your free Hulu account today in part 2.

Benefits of Hulu Accounts

With more and more streaming services being launched every year, it’s become harder for anyone’s service to stand out from the rest. But with Hulu, there really are some cool, unique features that make it a perennial hit among users.


Though we’re going to be talking about how to get free Hulu, it’s worth having a quick look at the price and how it differs from the competition.

The fact is that Hulu is just about the best bang you can get for your buck when it comes to on-demand streaming. For just $5.99 a month, you get access to a vast amount of content – over 1,650 shows.

Types of Hulu Accounts - Hulu Standard

Now, you may be thinking – how come Hulu is so cheap for the amount of content on offer?

The plain truth is it’s because they run ads throughout all their programming, meaning they can subsidize the low subscription costs with advertising revenue. And it’s not just one or two ads, you’re looking at a good 9-10 minutes of ads per hour’s viewing.

They’re not the only streaming service to do this. However, for a lot of people, one of the great attractions of signing up for a subscription is not having to sit through commercials every few minutes.

Hulu Premium Account

Luckily, for all those ad haters out there, Hulu offers no-ad Hulu accounts.

But as you might have guessed, you’ve got to pay for the privilege. And not just a little – the Hulu premium account is fully double the money, at $11.99 a month. But for this price, you’re also able to download content, which you can’t do with the Hulu standard account.

Now you may be saying that Netflix Basic is only $8.99, has no ads and features downloadable content. It’s worth pointing out that for Netflix Basic you can only watch on one device at a time. With the Hulu premium account, on the other hand, you can watch on two devices. This seemingly small difference will become important when we talk about getting free Hulu later.

Plus, unlike Netflix basic, Hulu original shows are available in 4k, for both Hulu standard and Hulu premium.

Next-Day Content with a Hulu Account

If you ask people if they’re willing to switch entirely over to streaming services and give up regular TV, a lot of them will reply in the negative.

Not only have they been brought up with regular TV, they’re also afraid of missing out on some of their favorite shows that broadcast only on regular networks.

As one of the first ever streaming services, Hulu recognized this part of people’s viewing habits. Therefore, they set up an awesome feature on their platform – next day showing of episodes broadcast on network TV.

Television Networks

So, with both the basic Hulu account and Hulu premium accounts, you get to enjoy watching next day broadcasts of TV shows from various television networks, such as ABC, CBS, NBC etc.

But what if even next day is not enough for you? What if the reason you’ll never leave regular TV entirely is that sense of immediateness, knowing you’re watching potentially with millions of people all at the same time? Hulu thought of that too…

Hulu + Live TV

This is where Hulu truly is the bridge between cable TV and on-demand streaming, and where Hulu separates itself from the crowd. 

With Hulu + Live TV, you can stream live broadcast content from pretty much any cable network you can think of, over 70 channels in all. From Fox to the Disney Channel, all the way to CNN and NBC Universal. And all while still having access to their massive on-demand library.

But what about the price? Since Hulu + Live TV is designed to be a replacement for cable TV, it comes as no surprise that the cost isn’t cheap. The average cost of cable TV per month for a household in the US is around $64.

Therefore, at $64.99 a month, Hulu + Live TV is not what you’d call cheap, but also isn’t crazily expensive, especially when you consider you’ve got access to all the on-demand content too.

And just like with the regular Hulu account, you can get the basic version, with ads or the ad-free premium account version, for an extra $6 a month. So that’s $70.99 all in. But bear in mind, this only means no ads for the on-demand streaming content, not the network channels.

Cloud DVR

One of the best features of Hulu + Live TV is the Cloud DVR feature. You get 50 hours of cloud DVR storage completely free with your subscription, both for the ad basic account and the ad-free premium account.

So, you can record live TV channels and watch it all later, without needing to purchase a separate DVR box. Everything you record gets stored on your personal cloud account.

And if 50 hours isn’t long enough for you, for an extra $9.99 a month, you get a whopping 200 hours.

Disney Bundle

You may have heard many in media talk about the ‘streaming wars’ – the battle between the streaming giants to capture new subscribers by outdoing each other on price and quality of content. This is definitely the case when, for example, you compare Netflix and Disney+.

However, when it comes to Disney+ and Hulu, it’s not quite so much a war as sibling rivalry. This is because Hulu is majority owned and controlled by the Walt Disney company.

What this means for us, the customers, is that we can get access to a really awesome deal – the Disney bundle.

Hulu Subscription Plus More!

With the Disney bundle, you can get your very own Disney+ account, ESPN+ account and Hulu account. And, just like all the different Hulu accounts we’ve been talking about so far, there are different bundles you can choose, based on the different kinds of Hulu accounts.

You can sign up on the Hulu official website. For Disney+, ESPN+, and Hulu (with ads), the cost is $13.99 a month. The same deal but with Hulu premium accounts (no ads), that’s up to $19.99 a month. And the Disney bundle with Hulu + Live TV, you’re looking at $72.99. That’s a $5.98 saving for each package.

Free Trial of a Hulu Account

This brings us to the final benefit, related to the topic at hand – how to get free Hulu. And it’s a massive plus point for Hulu, compared to Disney+ and Netflix. Whereas neither of these services now offer a free trial, Hulu does. And you don’t get free Hulu just for a measly 7 days, you get free Hulu for 30 days!

The Hulu free trial extends to all four kinds of Hulu accounts we’ve talked about. But the 30-day free trial is limited to the Hulu basic account (with ads) and the Hulu premium accounts (no ads). For the Hulu + Live TV basic account (with ads) and premium account (no ads), there is only a 7-day free trial available.

But, we’re not looking at how to get free Hulu just for the given free trial. Luckily, there are ways you can get Hulu free for longer than just the free trial period. Let’s take a look at the best methods available to get free Hulu right now.

And also, how you can get a Hulu account for a much reduced price in the long term…

Extending Your Hulu Free Trial

As we said before, one of the great things about Hulu is that you can get a free Hulu account for up to 30 days. However, when you sign up for your free account trial on their official website, you need to enter your personal information and credit card details.

This means that once the free trial, that’s it, you can’t apply for another free trial using the same details. But if your partner, family member, or friend has another payment option, you can use their information to claim another free trial. And if you have access to enough credit cards, you could hypothetically enjoy an unlimited Hulu free trial.

Realistically though, at some point you’re going to run out of alternative information to sign up for new free trials. But it’s a great way to keep getting a free Hulu account for as long as possibl

Spotify Premium Offer Free Hulu Accounts

Now, this one isn’t exactly free Hulu. However, if you’re currently a student, you can sign up for the $4.99 a month Spotify deal and included in the package is a free Hulu account (with ads).

Definitely a great deal. But hey, we’re not all lucky enough to still be students. And even students one day have to graduate. So what about a long-term method to get a free account?

Share an Account

This is your sure-fire way for a free Hulu account. After all, if someone already has an account and is paying for it, you can share and not have to pay a dime.

So, get in touch with a friend, family member, loved one or colleague you know has Hulu and see if they’d be so kind as to share.

Unless they’re really close or they owe you a favor though, chances are good that they might expect a contribution on your part.

But remember we said that Hulu only allows viewing on two devices at the same time? This means you can really only share an account with one other person. This isn’t ideal if you compare it to Netflix Premium, which allows simultaneous viewing on up to four devices.

But that’s still a big saving – half the usual subscription. However, what if you don’t know anyone with Hulu or you don’t like the idea of asking around people to share accounts? In this situation, thanks to the wonders of the online world, there are more convenient options to get a free Hulu account or Hulu at a much lower price…

Use a Digital Platform

Luckily there are platforms that allow users to connect online and arrange sharing subscription costs. This works whether you have a Hulu account and are looking for someone to share the costs with you, or you don’t have an account and are looking for someone who does.

Popular platforms for this include TogetherPrice and Spliiit. It might take a little time to find the person to share the subscription with but once you do, it’s a great option. It can get tricky, however, if you’re worried about your online security and having to share your personal information and payment details with a stranger.

In this scenario, your best bet is a different kind of platform – one that uses an algorithm to match people automatically and in which payments are arranged within the app itself, rather than between users…

One Channel

One Channel is an app you can download onto your phone or tablet from the App Store or Google Play Store. It automatically matches you up with other users looking to share streaming service subscriptions, including Hulu. The whole process is fully automated and encrypted, saving you lots of time and hassle, plus providing you with complete online security.

And the great thing is that, even after your free Hulu trial is over, you can get a further 7 days of free Hulu premium account using the OneChannel 7-day free trial.

But not just for the Hulu app, all of the other major streaming services – Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, and HBO Max too. And because the free Hulu login doesn’t require payment information, you won’t be charged once the trial for free Hulu is over.

Once the trial period for free Hulu does finish, you can stay signed up to premium Hulu accounts, all for the super low price of just $4 dollars a month. That’s a massive $7.99 saving. And if you choose to sign up to all five streaming services, that saving goes up to an incredible $45 a month.

Watch Hulu anywhere you are and enjoy premium benefits during your subscription. Plus, you can cancel your subscription any time, no questions asked.

So, get a free Hulu account right now! Sign up for the 7 day trial to get Hulu free and save major money watching the movies and TV shows you love.


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