How to Get Your Disney Plus Free Account

If you’re a fan of movies and quality TV shows, chances are you’re a fan of Disney and the incredible content they’ve created for almost a century.

One of the all-time great American companies, they’ve produced some of the most beloved movies ever made. Their vast array of wonderful characters and stories have stamped themselves into the consciousness of children and grown-ups alike, all around the world.

And far from slowing down, they’re only increasing the quantity and quality of their output, whether it’s the Marvel and Star Wars movie franchises, or the amazing slew of spin-off shows, including The Mandalorian, WandaVision, and Falcon and the Winter Soldier. It seems not a week goes by without a new episode of a Disney plus show everyone’s raving about.

Disney Plus

A few years ago, if you wanted to stream Disney content, then the best place to go was Netflix. However, in 2019, the deal for streaming rights between the two companies came to an end.

This freed up Disney to take on Netflix at its own game, launching Disney+ the very same year – its own direct-to-consumer video streaming service. Since then, the availability of Disney content on Netflix has declined more and more. So, if you want your dose of Disney, now there really is only one option.

The perfect way for fans to stream their favorite Disney movies and shows, Disney+ has, within two short years, grown its subscriber base into over 100 million customers.

They are now third only to Amazon Prime Video and Netflix itself – an incredible accomplishment for such a new service, and a real testament to the quality of their content.


Streaming Platform

At $8 a month (at the time of writing), subscribing to Disney+ is pretty reasonable as compared to other streaming services.

Although the quantity of content can’t match what’s available on other apps (Netflix has over 3,700 movies and TV shows, whereas Disney+ has just 800+), you can watch across 4 devices in HD or 4K. For the same kind of features through Netflix, you’re looking at $17.99 a month. 

Free Trial

But if you’re already signed up to Netflix or another streaming service, that extra $8 starts to weigh a bit more heavily on the wallet. Before making that kind of commitment, most people prefer to test the waters first. Unfortunately, Disney+ has discontinued its 7-day free trial as of last year (June 2020). 

Free Disney Plus Accounts

Thankfully, there are still ways you can try out Disney+ for free. And not just for 7 days, for up to 6 months! And after the trial period has ended, you can save massive amounts of money on your monthly subscription. Let’s look at the 3 different ways you can start saving money right now…

1. Be a Customer of Another Service

streaming service

I know, I know. We did say it’s going to cost you less money, not more. But if you’re already signed up to one of these services, then you should definitely look into claiming your free Disney+ subscription. There are currently two options available…

a) Xbox Pass

In order to sign up new customers to their monthly subscription service, Xbox Pass, Microsoft offers new customers the opportunity to sign up and get Disney+ for free. That’s two great entertainment subscriptions for the price of one! 

The downside is that it’s only available to new Disney+ subscribers and it only lasts one month. Definitely better than nothing though. But you’d better hurry up because this offer ends June 31st, 2021. 

b) Verizon

Verizon customers can enjoy an even better deal – a whopping 6 months of Disney+ for free! And it works even if you’re currently a Disney+ subscriber. Your subscription payment is frozen for the 6-month period and resumes after that time. 

The bad news is that it’s limited to customers on select unlimited plans, and it’s only open to current Verizon customers. But if you’re one of these folks, congrats and happy viewing!

disneyland pluto

2. Become an Employee of Disney or Disney Plus

OK, this one might be stretching things a bit. As much as you might love Disney movies and shows, getting a job with them just to get a free subscription does sound a bit over the top. And if you really are that much of a fan of Disney, you probably already do work for them. 

For everyone else, before you get too jealous about this awesome-sounding perk – in order to claim their free Disney+ account, employees have to give up their free Disney Park pass. So, it’s not all magical working for Disney. 

watch party

3. Share an Account with others

We’ve now arrived at the one way to get a free Disney+ account that’s available to everyone, and doesn’t require paying for other, unrelated services. The truth is that the best way to get a free Disney+ account is…get someone else to pay for it.

Disney Plus Accounts 2021

As we said before, if you sign up for a Disney+ account in 2021, you can watch on 4 different devices at the same time. This means you’re basically getting 4 accounts in one. 

So, if you’ve got a wonderfully kind and generous friend or loved one who’s already got a Disney+ account, give it a go and see if they’re willing to share. And maybe you have a Netflix premium account you can share with them. All this online sharing is great, who says the internet keeps us apart?!

Splitting Access

Chances are though, sharing your Netflix account with them aside, they’ll probably expect you to chip in something too.

If four friends or family members split the costs together, that $8 a month subscription price just got down to a measly $2 a month. Not free, but an incredible saving nonetheless and well worth looking into. 

The first question we’ll look at then is how to go about splitting the costs…

a) Split the Costs with Friends and Family

The simplest way is just to get in contact with a friend, colleague, neighbor, family member, heck, even a guy you see on the subway everyday – anyone you know with a Disney+ account.

Then discuss whether you can work out a deal so you use their log in details in exchange for a share of the subscription cost. It’s really as simple as that! 

Login Credentials

But, like everything in life, complications can arise. For instance, maybe your friend uses the same password and username for multiple online accounts he or she has, and so isn’t very happy sharing such information. 


There’s also the problem of making sure you get the payment to them on time every month. As they say, mixing business and pleasure (or friendship) can often leave a sour taste in the mouth. But hey, if you can work it out without any issues, then this is undoubtedly your best option. 

It does, however, throw up a second question – what if you don’t know anyone who currently has a Disney+ account? After all, it’s still a relatively new service. 

In this situation, there is another option…

b) TogetherPrice/Spliit

Both of these online platforms specialize in connecting users around the country looking to split the cost of streaming services. They’re basically the online, digital version of the previous option – once you’re connected with other users, you organise among yourselves how to split the costs and share the log-in information. 

Now, this is a great service if you don’t know someone who has a Disney+ account, or if you want to save a lot of the bother and potential embarrassment of asking among your friends and acquaintances. 

However, it has its problems. When you connect with a stranger, you’re now potentially sharing log-in information and organising payments with someone you don’t trust. That’s bound to raise a few red flags when it comes to your online security. 

Which brings us to our third and final question – is there a way to split the costs with other users online, without needing to arrange payments with them or share log-in information?

Thankfully, there is…

c) OneChannel

one channel is an app you can download onto your phone or tablet from the AppStore or Google Play. After a quick and easy set-up, it links up with the Disney+ app to give you secure access to your account.

Just like the previous 2 options, it works by allowing you to split the costs of the subscription with others. However, rather than having to manually contact them and arrange terms, the app automatically and anonymously matches you with users also looking to split the subscription costs. All you have to do is download the app and get started, everything else is taken care of.

100% Private, Secure Account

You don’t need to organize payments or share log-in information such as email address or password with other users, it’s all done through the app itself. And thanks to the proprietary encryption software, the whole process is completely private and anonymous, so you never have to worry about your online security.

Disney Plus Account for Free

And what’s even better, with the OneChannel free trial, you get Disney+ absolutely free for 7 days. But not only Disney+, all the other major streaming services too! Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, HBO Max, and Hulu — giving you an incredible array of shows and movies to watch, all in high video quality. And when the 7-day free trial is over, you get to enjoy massive savings every month.


The whole app works in line with the user agreement of Disney+ and the other streaming services. It’s without doubt the simplest, most user-friendly, secure way to split the costs of streaming service subscriptions. 

Watch Your Favorite TV Shows Now

You’ve now seen all the great ways you can get Disney+ for free. All that incredible content is just a click away. Happy streaming and hope you find a great movie or show to watch soon!


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